Was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

Front man for the Rock Group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain wasn't just a "Rock Star". His music, and life speaks to people beyond his normal fan base. They see in Kurt, someone who didn't fit in. Someone who, was made to feel his best wasn't good enough. To these people he's a grunge "Statute of Liberty".

His death has an impact even to this day. One such impact is the belief his death is the result of foul play.

The following are but a few of the claims made to support a murder theory.

Kurt didn't appear suicidal or appear to go through withdrawal. Remember, Kurt was in a therapeutic setting. He committed suicide when he left this setting.

Kurt's Coroner cannot prove it was suicide, and he had triple the lethal amount of Heroin. This cannot be proven or disproved; law seals these records.

Courtney hired a hit man? The person who allegedly set the "hit" up seemed to be a mentally unbalanced drunk. A woman worth millions and stands to inherit more went to a mentally unbalanced drunk to kill her husband.

Far as I know, no one who knew (really knew) Kurt, and loved him, has put up a page proclaiming murder. There has been a section of a video, where Courtney father claims Courtney is capable of murder. But the producer of this film claims Kurt killed himself.

I started this page with love for Kurt Cobain and his work. Still I have lost nothing. This page was also done in the Spirit of respect for those he left behind.

The following information is from different sources. Some of the information is well known, other information can only be found here far as I know, i.e. my analysis of the "facts". Remember, you must prove murder before motive becomes relevant. If you care to learn more read on....

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

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offical information on Kurt Cobains death Documents related to Kurt's death, off site

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

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Courtney's accusers

did someone else kill Cobain Who, besides Courtney would have a motive?

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

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Information on Kurt Cobains suicide Things to consider about Kurt's suicide

Does Tom Grant have evidenceWhat about the evidence?

Did Courtney Love want Kurt Cobain Dead Courtney wanted Kurt dead

What about no finger prints on the weapon What about no prints on the murder weapon?

what about El duce (Eldon Hoke) lie detector test Well what about the trustworthy polygraph results?

What about Cobains Suicide note What about the suicide note?

what did Kurt's Corner really say The corner can not say Kurt's death was a suicide.

Did Courtney really Kill Nirvana More things to consider about Kurt's death

Kurt Cobains Heroin overdose What about the level of heroin in Kurt's Blood?

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

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Was Kurt Cobain Murdered? nope A different point of view on Kurt's death

what's the real cost of Kurt Cobains Death What is the real cost of Kurt's Death?

was Kurt Cobains death murder or suicide

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